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Planning to develop a business app where Microsoft PowerPoint presentation plays a crucial role then why not get .ppt file tested?

Test .ppt or Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with ease using this free service. Just imagine a person is about to attend a business meeting and doing preparation via your app, and suddenly the .ppt file fails to load and leaves him (her) frustrated. The next instant, he (she) will immediately uninstall your app and vouch it to never use it again. Even worse, they will switch over to your competitor's app. Why to give rise to such a scenario. It is always wise to test the .ppt files well in advance by downloading free PowerPoint presentation samples for demo/test use. As of now you can download .ppt files of 500 KB & 1000 KB. You can expect more options in future.

Testing your php, c#, or any other programming language code targeted towards ppt file import functionality becomes much easier now with just one tap download. Getting sample PowerPoint presentations for demo/test use, is not that simple as it seems to be and that too for free.

Download ppt which gives you rough idea about layout and writing idea and methods about how to generate ppt files.

Download Sample PPT Files

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