The name "Sample Videos" itself is a self-explanatory on its own, but don't get it fouled by just the name. There is lot going on there. Welcome to Sample Videos!

Now you might wondering who is behind creating this helpful initiative and what was the motive when he started? For that let me introduce, "Miral Viroja". He is the founder of this website, a perfect destination to find multiple and useful alternatives for your applications' video needs and compatibility.

Once he was looking for a video to download and to use in web application, but after trying (wasting) some time on search engines, he found no useful video. Actually he found some links but all of them were getting him to another websites, to increase those website's page visits :(

After near about 15 minutes he found one.

He wondered that in this www world it was very difficult for him to found a sample video even after he was two years of experienced in Information Technology firm.

So he decided to build a common and easy accessible platform for everyone out there to get different type and size of videos they require so that they do not have to struggle for long searching on Internet.

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